Case Study

Society of Catholic Scientists

North American Web was asked by the newly-formed Society of Catholic Scientists to design and develop a website capable of promoting their work, taking event registrations, accepting donations, and handling paid membership registration and renewal.


SCS launched their enterprise with a conference. We gave them a way to publish conference information and take registrations online. We take their urgent request (some time later) to close registration down because they were at capacity as a mark of success.


Since they are drawing from such a large pool of potential members, the Society realized that an automated system for keeping track of memberships and handling dues payments would be a huge time and headache-saver. They’re now able to handle a virtually unlimited number of members without having to devote significant resources to administrative staff and expenses.


As a nonprofit and a membership organization, SCS needed a way to accept donations and collect dues. We put together a system that lets the friends and members of SCS support the organization easily while keeping the organizations administrative overhead low.

VVideo Archives

The Society of Catholic Scientists exists not just for the sake of its members, but also to serve as a resource for anyone with questions about science and faith. By setting up a YouTube channel and integrating videos into the website, we’re making it easy for them to share the tremendous value of their events with a broad audience.