Our Services

Let's work together.

Our founder David Kidd has over a decade of experience working with educational nonprofits as employee, contractor, and board member, and he has 25 years of experience as a programmer, web developer, and systems administrator. He leads every project we undertake.

We stand by our work. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Custom Development

Website/application design and development

Let us design and build a website or application that aligns with your mission, serves your constituents well, and integrates with your core operations.

E-commerce solutions

Start selling things online. We'll get you up and running with a functional and well-integrated platform, and we'll make sure it fits as well as possible with your existing business processes. We do complex integrations.

Other custom development

Need a custom plugin or theme for your CMS? Need to get data moving between your website and other systems? Something else? Let's talk.

Coaching and Consulting

Web project management

Add us to your team for an experienced perspective and practical guidance.

An alarming number of software development projects fail outright—or at least fail to realize their promise—because of problems that a more experienced engineer or project manager could have anticipated. Add our expertise to your project, and you'll be able to go faster and with more confidence, benefiting from our technical expertise and business experience.

We offer assistance with:

  • Project definition
  • Project management
  • User experience design
  • Web development
  • System administration
  • Business process design

Web-related business process audit

Have you standardized your customer/constituent interactions? Are you automating what you can? Is your data fragmented and does your staff have to do a lot of manual entry?

We'll do a thorough investigation of your business processes and give you detailed guidance while you transition to more efficient and less error-prone ways of doing things.

One-hour web property evaluation

Show us your web properties, and we'll discuss with you ways they can be made to better serve your constituents and better integrate into your organization's core operations.

Technology Selection and Deployment

CRM selection and deployment

No software is more important to a nonprofit than its Constituent Relationship Management system. It's also difficult to choose a CRM because they vary widely in their feature sets and their pricing. We'll help you identify what you need most from a CRM and which one best meets those needs.

Email marketing starter package

Start collecting sign-ups for a mailing list. We’ll help you register with an email marketing service, flesh-out a customer/constituent engagement plan, integrate a signup form into your website, and create your first campaign.

Email provider selection and setup

We'll help you get register a domain (if necessary), choose an email provider, set up your DNS records, and create accounts and aliases (if necessary) for your team.