Case Study

Bratton's Antique Auto Parts

Bratton's Auto asked us to build an online store capable of integrating with their internal Order Management System. We developed a solution that has allowed them to massively increase their online sales, while dramatically increasing the efficiency and reliability of their fulfillment processes.

CComplex Business Rules

Antique auto parts come in many shapes and sizes, and Bratton's sources their products from many different suppliers. They also sell to many different kinds of customers, domestically and internationally. To maximize efficiency while keeping costs as low as possible, we implemented a series of complex shipping, payment, and pricing rules. Now they can accept different kinds of payment from different customer groups; offer different shipping options based on the weight, size, and total cost of an order; apply insurance surcharges or flat rate shipping options for different product types; and more.

AAdvanced Integrations

When you're handling as many orders per day as Bratton's, you can't afford the risk and time costs of manual order entry. We helped them tie their website and backend order management software together, dramatically improving their online order processing time, streamlining their entire operation, and enhancing their ability to stay nimble with product line and pricing decisions.

CCoaching and Reporting

Small business owners aren't usually web technology gurus. We worked (and continue to work) alongside Bratton's Auto helping them identify and implement online marketing and communications strategies that work. We provide them with regular activity and performance reports so they can see what people are looking at, who their top referrers are, how their conversion rates compare to previous periods, and much more.

HHigh Performance Hosting

Nobody likes a slow or unreliable website. We provide fully-managed hosting and incident management for Bratton's Auto so that can focus on their business without worrying about the arcane details of server administration and optimization.