Case Study

Lumen Christi Institute

The Lumen Christi Institute asked North American Web to design and develop a new website to promote their events and programs, showcase their substantial collection of lecture video and audio recordings, and support their podcast.

DHigh Discoverability

The Lumen Christi Institute runs a lot of events and programs featuring high-profile speakers. While they want people to know about the latest and greatest, they also want visitors (some of many of whom are potential donors) to be able to navigate through their substantial collection of records and recordings quickly and easily. With smart navigation aides, segmented search, and a sane site architecture, the best of the Lumen Christi's offerings are never far away.


The Institute hand selects recordings from their events for inclusion in a podcast. They could have done this independently of their website, but we built a system for them that reduces duplication of effort and makes podcast administration super easy.

EEvent and Media Archive

The Lumen Christi Institute is justifiably proud of their events and the invaluable recordings they've been able to make of them. We migrated years and years worth of images, videos, audio files, and descriptions from their previous website and made it all available in an easy-to-navigate and attractive format. Each event has its own page with a layout tailored to the particular media available from that event.

PPowerful Content Management

The volume of content on the Lumen Christi Institute's website—and the variety of forms that content takes—presented us with one of our favorite kinds of challenge: handling great complexity without making content administration too complicated. We automated away most of the difficulty, and put a great deal of thought into the design of the admin interface. As a result, the website hums along, reflecting the Institute's rich programming without imposing any onerous administrative requirements.